Symmetry Services AG provides professional advisory to raise business excellence to new levels. We help companies capture the maximum value from their supply chains. With our IT and end-to-end supply chain expertise, we align a company’s IT strategy, organization and supply chain management to its corporate strategy. Our services are designed to accompany companies on their digital journey and help teams hit the ground running. We support digitization and supply chain transformation processes at every planning horizon – strategic, tactical, and operational – and across multiple domains. We focus on industry sectors such as life sciences, consumer products, electronics and high tech, telecom/IT, industrial manufacturing, financial services, retail, and logistics.

In an era of faster product cycles, increased global competition and risks of supply chain disruptions an independent, experienced industry expert can often provide valuable assistance in pinpointing revenue and cost saving potentials, compliance risks, and implementing process improvements.

We are passionate about fast-tracking your performance and helping you improve your bottom line.

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Thomas Kofler